Hey, I'm Amber

A mom of two who knows how hard motherhood plus being a female with hormones can be. 

I'm dedicated to helping women take back control of their health through custom, holistic health plans that start with food. 


It's not about restricting - it's about creating healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Diet culture has ingrained in all of us an all-or-nothing mentality that leaves women in a restricting-binging-restricting cycle that never ends and rarely works. I know because I've been there too. I've done my fair share of Whole 30s only to find that I couldn't sustain the benefits long term. 

So what did work for me? Shifting my "quick-fix" weight centered mindset to an overall health and longevity focused one. Instead of asking what worked for everyone else I asked what would work for ME? I took an inventory of my life and made small changes where my body and mind needed them the most. 

That's where the true magic lies, not within being perfect but in the small sustainable habits that add up over time. After all, little hinges swing big doors y'all. 

When you work with me, we'll start with functional labs and symptom tracking to uncover what's got you feeling so off. 

From here, I'll provide you with customized protocols (aka strategies!) that work within your busy life that are sustainable and impactful.

Let me help you find sustainable strategies that leave you feeling great.

My Credentials

Supporting you isn't something I take lightly, which is why I chose to get certified as both a nutritional therapy practitioner and a certified health coach.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training through the Nutritional Therapy Association

Here’s a full breakdown of my experience...

Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) through Restorative Wellness Solutions

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach training through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care training through Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Recovery & Nutrient Repletion training through the Women’s Health Nutrition Academy

Certified RETAIN Parental Leave Coach (R-PLC)

Mom of 2 very rowdy but extremely cute little boys

You don't have to struggle with things like stubborn weight, low energy, gut issues and painful periods forever. Through functional lab testing and sustainable strategies I can help you find your new normal - one where you feel great everyday.

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It's time to choose a new normal