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Hey, I'm Amber

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach passionate about helping moms restore their bodies postpartum through custom, holistic health plans that start with food.

As the mom of two little boys, I know first hand how life-altering having a baby can be. But motherhood doesn’t have to suck. By taking care of ourselves first, it can be as amazing as we dreamed it would be. 

So many new moms are experiencing brain fog, exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety - the list goes on. And unfortunately, our symptoms are often written off as “new motherhood”. 

But the truth is, we can feel better (in fact, a lot better) by changing up the food we’re eating, adding some supplements, limiting the toxins we’re exposed to, and getting some sleep and selfcare.

Exhaustion is too often the reality of new moms.

That’s why I created the Mama Restore program, a 6-month, one-to-one intimate nutrition experience designed to help mamas enjoy motherhood by healing postpartum depletion and overwhelm through targeted nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle strategies.

I want to help all moms feel safe, rested, and restored.

- Michelle, mom of 10-month-old Will

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"I decided to work with Amber when my baby was 2-months old and I was gearing up to go back to work as a family physician. I knew the transition from maternity leave to work would be stressful and I wanted to set myself up for success.

I got so much more than a just successful work transition. Amber spent time getting to know me, assess what my body needed, and build a plan that fit into my lifestyle. I never imagined I’d have as much energy as I do given working full-time and having a newborn!

I am grateful for all the support and guidance Amber has given me. It was a huge stress relief having the support as well as accountability. Here is a sample of some of the gains I’ve made since working with Amber:

My fitness level: By 9-months postpartum, I was back to my pre-pregnancy fitness levels. 

Hit my breastfeeding goal: I was able to nurse as long as I wanted and felt supported by Amber when my nursing journey finally came to a close.

Mental health: Working with Amber has been huge for my mental health and overall sense of well-being.

Energy levels: Along with my fitness goals my energy is right where I hoped it would be. I’m sleeping (mostly) and able to get through my days without feeling sleepy in the afternoons.
And so much more: Since working with Amber I’ve made improvements to my spiritual life, my relationship with my husband, and my social life.

I can’t thank Amber enough for everything she’s done. I feel blessed to have her in my life."

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"When I started working with Amber I was completely overwhelmed by food and what I should be eating to feel good throughout the day.  As a mom & new business owner I wanted to focus on my food and create a new relationship where I saw food as fuel and not as just another thing to add to the to-do list. 

Amber made this fun & easy!! Amber helped me learn about my body and how to create a holistic approach to taking care of myself that went so far beyond food!! She took the overwhelm out of it by educating me in a way that made sense and felt approachable. 

Our time together changed my relationship with food but more importantly my body. She is magic and I can’t wait to continue this journey with her! 

Run, don’t walk to connect with Amber if you are looking for a deep transformation and a new level of self-sourcing."

- Ashley E. 

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“Amber has a tremendous amount of passion and knowledge for her work. While I’m not a mom, I had been struggling with managing stress and anxiety alongside building a more informed approach to nutrition. I started working with Amber to improve how to think about my health in a more holistic way, and how my mental and physical health are connected.

I’ve experienced benefits I didn’t even know were possible! My digestion has improved, I’ve learned how to better manage my stress, and most importantly I feel as though I’m educated and in control of my health! Amber has been critical in educating me on the importance of hormone health, and I’ve already felt and seen the benefits. Mentally, Amber has helped me build the foundation for cultivating a stronger and healthier mindset, which has been an invaluable skill. I’m so thankful for Amber and the work we’ve done together. It has changed my life in so many ways. ”

What my clients are saying...

As a mom, you've probably been given a little too much advice - eat more protein, take your magnesium, sleep when the baby sleeps. But the truth is, all of this advice without any context just creates more overwhelm.

When you work with me, you'll get so much more than canned advice. We’ll create a nutrition plan based on your unique needs, and empower you to respond to your symptoms and bring your body back into balance with easy-to-implement (and natural) solutions.

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