Finally feel in control of your health.

You don't have to accept what feels like a life-time diagnosis of gut issues, stubborn weight gain or low energy.

Let's work together to identify root causes of these issues so you can start your journey toward healing

Meet your
nutritionAL TheraPist

your nutritionAL TheraPist

Meet Amber 

Hey, I'm Amber Frauenholtz, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach passionate about helping women love their bodies again through custom, holistic health plans backed by functional lab testing.

I believe you can thrive during any stage of life - from pregnancy to perimenopause and beyond, you might just need a little guidance.

So many women are struggling with low energy, horrible periods, unpredictable gut issues and uncontrollable weight gain. And unfortunately, symptoms are often written off as soon as the labs come back as “normal”. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to accept your symptoms - there is still an abundance of strategies that can help you feel better (in fact, a lot better). By changing up the food you’re eating, adding in some supplements, limiting the toxins we’re exposed to, and getting some sleep and selfcare, you can start feeling your best again. 

Let's stop normalizing feeling terrible.

how I help my clients

A 6-month, one-to-one intimate nutrition and life coaching program designed to help mamas enjoy motherhood by healing postpartum depletion and overwhelm through targeted nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle strategies.

Mama Restore


Get to the root of your health struggles with a data-informed approach that combines functional lab testing with a thorough assessment of your symptoms and lifestyle. Armed with this information, we’ll build a plan tailored to your unique needs so you can feel your best.

4-Month Nutritional Therapy Program


A 3-month group program where you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of your health needs and how to address them with a personalized approach. It's the perfect combination of education, support and data to get you on the path towards sustainable and lasting nutritional health. 

Nourish Yourself First
Group Program


- Michelle, mom of 10-month-old Will

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"I decided to work with Amber when my baby was 2-months old and I was gearing up to go back to work as a family physician. I knew the transition from maternity leave to work would be stressful and I wanted to set myself up for success.

I got so much more than a just successful work transition. Amber spent time getting to know me, assess what my body needed, and build a plan that fit into my lifestyle. I never imagined I’d have as much energy as I do given working full-time and having a newborn!"

"I am grateful for all the support and guidance Amber has given me. It was a huge stress relief having the support as well as accountability."

- Adriane R.

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"Amber has taught me so much – about nutrition and how to feed myself (and my family), about how to manage my precious time and prioritize taking care of myself, even when time is slim, and how to cope with day to day life on a level that I haven’t known since becoming a mother.

The wisdom she shares is simple, yet it has the ability to change your life in really profound ways."

"I legitimately feel like a new person – a person that’s both familiar to me, the one I remember from pre-motherhood, but also the better, stronger version of my new self as a mother."

– Ashley E.

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"While I’m not a mom, I had been struggling with managing stress and anxiety alongside building a more informed approach to nutrition. I started working with Amber to improve how to think about my health in a more holistic way, and how my mental and physical health are connected.

My digestion has improved, I’ve learned how to better manage my stress, and most importantly I feel as though I’m educated and in control of my health! Amber has been critical in educating me on the importance of hormone health, and I’ve already felt and seen the benefits."

"I’ve experienced benefits I didn’t even know were possible!"

What my clients are saying...

Don’t waste another minute googling your symptoms. Instead, it’s time for real, data-informed solutions customized to your unique body plus ongoing support, so that you can start feeling better now, and stay that way for a long time.

Get the support and accountability you need.