Welcome Mama

Hi, I’m Amber, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Disney World fanatic, and mom of 2 rowdy (but adorable) little boys. Read my story.

You’ve found me because you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and sick of feeling like you’ve forgotten the person you were before you became a mom.

You had no idea raising tiny humans could be this tough – why didn’t anyone prepare you for the roller coaster ride of emotions, the stress of going back to work, the mom-guilt that takes over each morning as you rush to get everyone out the door?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In our culture today moms are expected to do it all. Pop out that babe, buck up, and get back to work. There is no consideration for our primal need to be with our babies, the complete draining of all our vital nutrients during pregnancy/breastfeeding, and the lack of built-in support systems for new families.

It is not normal to feel overwhelmed and tired even though our society tells us it is. I’m here to tell you that it is possible to feel like yourself again. You CAN get back your energy (and sanity!) to become the Mom you want to be.

I believe that by flipping “conventional” wisdom on its head and putting the needs of Mothers first, magical things can happen. Here’s how:

  • True wellness starts with food. Pregnancy and birth drain your body of nutrients, leaving very little for mom to feel good. When you aren’t getting the vitamins/minerals/macros needed your body begins to breakdown vital body systems to maintain health. Fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, and so on all begin to surface.
  • Alone time is non-negotiable. Serving only the needs of others 24/7, without taking time for yourself, is a quick path to burnout. Planning your days strategically to align with how you want to feel is extremely important for new moms (and everyone else!).
  • Reconnect to ourselves. Nothing destroys your sense of self more than becoming a parent. Often times we’re left sitting in a pile of shattered glass that used to be us. Give yourself space to rebuild.
  • Mindfulness is more than a trend. Joy is found in being aware of our current moment: the smile we earned from our baby, the taste of fresh blueberries, the awareness of our emotions when they arise.
  • Support for Mom. We are not meant to live alone – humans are tribal beings that require deep connection and support from others. Our society has somehow let this slip through the cracks, especially when it comes to new mamas.

There will always be struggles, kids who won’t sleep, or global pandemics (oh my!) but the way you show up during those times can be different. You can overcome the overwhelm and regain your energy. The first step is to reach out – book your free discovery call below.

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